Preparing Your Home for Sale

home for sale

Maybe you have decided to move to a larger or a smaller home. Maybe you have a new job in a different town, or a different part of town. At any rate, you are going to sell your home in the Barrington area. What can you do to get the best price?

The short answer to that question is to listen to, and follow the advice of your real estate agent. Your agent knows what sells and what doesn’t. For instance, most experts advise that you depersonalize your home when preparing it for sale. The decor should be simple and tasteful. You want your potential buyers to envision themselves in the setting. It’s not as important that they see what you have done with the place, as what they can do with it.

You can’t be too scrupulous about the degree of “cleanth” in your home when preparing it for sale. Keep the countertops, sinks, fixtures, appliances, and floors sparkling and fresh. Don’t allow any cobwebs or dust bunnies to gather in corners, upper or lower. Of course, linens and bedspreads should smell like they just came off the line.

Next, look at your window treatments. Perhaps something new is in order. Clean windows are also a must, of course. Is the rug in need of a good cleaning, or even replacement? Investment in something presentable can go a long way towards the staging of a desirable property.

You might want to go out to the street in front of your house and take a good long look at your house. Try to see it as a potential buyer might. What does the front yard tell you? Is the lawn evenly cut and edged? Are the shrubs clipped neatly? If it’s summertime, be sure the flowers are kept watered. Deadhead them often. Any lawn ornaments or porch furniture should be kept in good repair.

How does the actual house look? Does it need a paint job? Is the chimney well-pointed? Is the roof intact? Do the trellises need to be painted? One of the most important areas of concern is the doorway. Be sure the hinges are well oiled and don’t squeak. The knobs and locks should be in good repair, also. If the door isn’t in good shape, it may have to be replaced, also.

The final area we’ll address is the “ambience”. If you have a penchant for cooking foods that leave odors, you may want to curtail that while you’re trying to sell. Keep after odors with lightly scented air fresheners, and potpourri. Better yet, you could bake some cookies, or simmer some cinnamon-flavored apple cider right before a showing or open house. That can make your home inviting!

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