Agent vs. For Sale by Owner

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Most people, including those living in the Barrington area are happy when they can save money. Frugality is sometimes a self-defeating process, though. There’s a reason for the old adage about being penny wise and pound foolish. This can be especially pertinent to the real estate business.

When you decide to list your home for sale, it may occur to you that you could save money on fees and such if you sell it yourself, rather than consulting a real estate agent. Well, what you may save in fees might be lost two or even threefold in the amount you can get for your property. Your real estate agent is trained to know just which sales strategies will work for your situation, and can advise you on how to get top dollar for your home.

There’s all kinds of advice floating around the Internet. You might think doing a google search will be enough to give you the savvy you need. Wait a minute, though. A great deal of that advice is contradictory. Anyone with a computer and a real estate glossary can claim to be an “expert”. Which expert advice are you going to follow?

Sometimes you can find contradictory advice that isn’t necessarily wrong, but that just isn’t what will work for your particular case. The rules of selling can vary from rural to urban settings, or from single residence properties to condominiums, or even from neighborhood to neighborhood. Your real estate agent has the documents, the web connections, the statistics, and the training to know which category fits your property.

These strategies include various aspects of the sale, beginning with what price to ask. Pricing your home too high or too low can greatly diminish your prospects. There’s also the question of whether to dress up or dress down the appearance of your home. It’s a judgment call, but there are ways to tell which to do in your particular situation. Even the decision on how to make the scent of your home most attractive to buyers is one that can have various answers.

Statistics show that you can make as much as fifteen percent more on your property by consulting and following the advice of a good real estate agent. Be patient, and find an agent that you can trust to have your best interest at heart. You won’t be sorry!

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