Back to School in Barrington

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It’s back to school time! The kids all have new shoes, clothes, and backpacks stuffed with the latest in the “school list”. Parents are checking bus routes, carpools, and walking routes. If you are wondering how a move to the Barrington area would affect the education of your children, relax! The schools in Barrington are very highly rated, both by the “experts” and by the real experts, the parents!

A quick Google search of the Barrington area schools will bear out these claims. When you look at test score comparisons, Barrington Schools are well ahead of the national median. National scores are around 50 to 55 percentile while the Barrington Schools are in the high eighties to mid-nineties percentile. Most of the schools on an academic level receive a rating of 10, with no lower score than a 9.

One Barrington school (Roslyn Road Elementary) is rated the fifth top school in the state of Illinois. Three of the local schools are in the top ten, and four are in the top twenty-five schools in the state. It seems Barrington parents are serious about the education of their youngsters.

Sufficient attention is given to the individual learning styles of students, which is apparent when analyzing the statistics about standardized testing above. The all-around development of each child into a self-sufficient, contributing member of society seems to be the goal. The interests and talents of the children are developed through ample access to the arts and other extra-curricular activities.

Real Estate sites like Zillow and Trulia give the Barrington schools a great review, mostly issuing a 5-star rating with some 4½-star ratings. The Barrington 220 School District Facebook page shows a lively interaction between students and staff. One tradition is for the faculty to line the halls and applaud the students on the first day, as they return for the school year.

When you look for reviews by students and parents, you will find mostly 5 or 4-star reviews with lots of commendations of the faculty. The mere fact that people take the time to post reviews is evidence of the quality of care given to education in the Barrington schools.

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