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Have you ever looked through the website of the Village of Barrington? It’s really quite fascinating. If you live in Barrington, chances are, you’ve only visited the site to look up a service or something, and you should probably browse through it a bit more. If you’re thinking about moving to Barrington, you can gain a wealth of information about the area.

One interesting page is the Historic District page. Since Barrington has a rich historical heritage, the goal is to retain the atmosphere of tradition. There’s a lot of information about that history on this page. There’s a link on this page to a map of the historic district, and a link to the “Historical Preservation Overlay Information Guide. This is where you can read the rules for the properties in the historic district. If you own property here or are considering purchasing a property here, this is a great page to explore.

The Historical District Design Guidelines page is basically a list of the table of contents. Each one is a link to a document or information sheet about a different aspect of design in the district. It’s almost a complete course in architecture and design, complete with drawings.

Look in on the Latest News page under the What’s New heading. It keeps you abreast of the, well, latest news. If there’s a meeting or a party coming up, you can find it there, as well as on the calendar when you click on Upcoming Events. You can click on the minutes of the past Village Board Meetings, and read a virtual history of the past years.

The Government page reads like a lesson in local civics. This would be a good thing to browse with your kids. They can get a feel for how things work locally, stressing the openness and honesty, and you can translate it to the County, State, and Federal level. Who knows? It may spark a career in politics.

Another useful page is the one about the Metra Station and Commuter Parking under the heading of Residents. Besides the times, costs and such, there are sidebars with articles on water conservation, news of the area, coming events, and such. Also under Residents are a couple of links to pages that will be useful to new residents of the area, covering things like regulations and village services.

The Village of Barrington is a wonderful place to live. If you are interested in purchasing a property here, please contact me, Dean Tubekis. My phone number is (874) 809-8070, and we are located at 530 N. Hough St., Suite 180, Barrington, IL 60010. Feel free to browse my website, or follow me on Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook. I can help you with all of your real estate needs!



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