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Citizens for Conservation is an organization that is based in Barrington, and is “dedicated to environmental preservation and restoration of the wider biodiversity that once covered northeast Illinois.” The organization owns certain lands that they are preserving and, as stated, “restoring” to their natural condition.

Conservation is a time honored endeavor in America, and that alone is a good thing. However, this local group, Citizens for Conservation (CFC), does much more than protect and restore the land it owns. These places are used to educate people about the flora and fauna in the area, and to come to an appreciation of the balance of nature in each environment.

For instance, on July 9, your child can participate in a project entitled “Seining the Creeks of Illinois”. It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn, first about history, and the way a lot of people used to earn their way in the world by seine fishing. Of course, the practice was to catch fish, mussels, and whatnot in order to sell it. Whatever is reaped in this project will be returned to the water unharmed. It will, however, be something for the children to see, and to understand the underwater world. Here is a link for more details.

Another project sponsored by CFC is the Interactive Self-Guided Prairie Walks at Flint Creek. Have you ever seen a Great White Egret searching for food? You have a good chance of seeing one on this walk. This is a wonderful time of year to see the many kinds of local wildflowers. You can learn more here.

A search of the CFC website yields fascinating facts on many different subjects. Of course, you can check on the above mentioned (and other) events that they sponsor. They also have a Resource page where you can find a lot of information about local wildlife, gardening practices, and pest control. If you don’t see your area of concern addressed, there is an “Ask CFC” page.


As with any organization, the CFC is always open to volunteers to help in their work. On the volunteers page, you will see a work schedule, so you know where to go and when. Here’s the link to that page.

Besides volunteers and generous donors, CFC helps support itself with certain fund raising endeavors. The next such event will be the Fall Tree & Shrub Sale. If you’re going to buy such things anyway, you can do it for a good cause. You can join the CFC as a member and unite with others to preserve and restore. Here’s a link to the membership page.

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