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Ah, well, we’ve passed the big end-of-October and beginning-of-November events. The Halloween costumes have been packed away, and we have performed our collective civic duty by voting on Election Day. Now it’s time for the Barrington area to start preparing for Thanksgiving Day.

Most families have their own favorite ways of celebrating Thanksgiving. For some reason, a lot of us want to engage in some sort of physical activity in the morning on that day. Maybe it’s an effort to get our metabolism going, so we don’t feel guilty about eating our fill later. A family football game is often the activity chosen by families large enough to have teams. I hear the emergency rooms are really busy at that time, so stretch out first and be careful!

There are several runs you can do, if that’s your cup of tea. One of the largest runs in the area is the Schaumberg Half Marathon and 5k Turkey Trot. There are prizes for age categories from kids to seniors, and that’s not all. You can even sign up for a pre-run run. Here’s a link to the details. Another run is the Lake in the Woods Henry’s Thanksgiving Day Hustle 5k and Kids Dash. You can get more information here.

If you’re more into being a spectator than a participant, you could head into Chicago to watch the annual Thanksgiving Day Parade. It’s a lot more fun to watch this parade in person than to watch the one that’s on television every year. Here’s a link, so you can stake out a good spot!

A lot of people, in thanksgiving for their own blessings, like to help those less fortunate than themselves during this season, so they donate to food drives and collections, or help serve dinners to the poor. One such endeavor is the “Meals of Hope” for Holiday Food and Fund Drive in Barrington. This link will tell you where you can donate. St. Michael’s Episcopal Church has an annual Free Thanksgiving Day Dinner. Many local churches and organizations have their own charitable programs which can always use new donors and volunteers.

Then, of course, it’s time to dig in, and enjoy the feast. Whether you go to Grandmother’s house, or stay home, turkey just tastes better on Thanksgiving Day, doesn’t it? After the dinner and desserts, some people take a nap, while other people watch the football game. Some take a nap while they “watch” the football game.

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