Summer Is Cool With A Splash Pad!

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The summer is proving to be a scorcher, at least here in the Barrington area. That means the swimming pools will be crowded, and most of the people who have residential pools will have lots of friends who want to visit. Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you couldn’t get into a swimming pool? 

Someone has obviously considered this question, because there are efforts to make waterplay accessible to those not able to swim, or to float in a pool. The Barrington Junior Women’s Club is attempting to raise the money to build a splash pad in the Barrington Park district. Even if you’ve never heard of a splash pad, or splash pool, as they are sometimes called, you have probably seen them.

A splash pad can incorporate varying degrees of intricacy. It can be just a few spigots sticking up out of the ground with water flowing from them, and a drain to keep the water from running into the surrounding area. Or it can be a complicated and fascinating series of systems that provide entertaining and cooling fun for people with special needs. There are even musical splash pads, called Hydrauliphones.

One great feature of a splash pad is that there isn’t the risk of drowning that can come with even a shallow pool, so young children can have fun, and their moms can relax, too. The spigots can be at differing heights, and with varying pressure, and can also can be controlled rhythmically, or arched, or even to come from above, as in a water tree.

The surface of a splash pad is often textured concrete, or crumb rubber, painted, sometimes with bright colors. It’s a great alternative to the old practice of opening up the fire hydrants for the kids to play in. The water is often recycled, and treated to be at least at the quality level of the local swimming pools, but you don’t have to have the constant checking for chlorine levels and such.

The cost of building this splash pad will be an estimated $700,000, $300,000 of which the Park District will pay. That means the Barrington Junior Women’s League must raise about $400,000, half of which they have achieved. If you’d like to learn more or to donate, here’s a link to the site.

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