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Now that the people of Barrington have used the Food Scrap Program for a few months, the Administration of the Village of Barrington would like to know how you like it. You can take an online survey to give your opinion.

The Food Scrap Program isn’t your ordinary run-of-the-mill recycling program. This is the reason you can’t put all recyclables in your Food Scrap container. This program is only for waste that can be composted. Non-meat foods such as vegetables, fruits, and breads can be used, as well as eggshells, coffee grounds, and tea leaves (but NO teabags or coffee filters).

Since it is in conjunction with the yard-waste disposal, the Food Scrap Program only runs from March through December at this time. There are plans to make it year round, eventually. For now, it is more economical to only have it the aforementioned months.

There are some ways to make the program work better for you. For instance, what are you using for a small container in your home? A coffee can or similar container is recommended. You can collect the scraps and, depending on your volume, transfer them daily, or whenever, to your large compost cart outside. You should rinse the large cart out weekly to keep down odors. For controlling odors inside your home, you can either keep the small can in the refrigerator, or in the freezer, of course, cleaning it each time you empty it.

Great strides are being made in the area of waste disposal in general. Barrington is looking toward the use of more compost facilities, and perhaps some day soon, will have access to facilities that can process other items, such as meats and paper products. For now, it’s great to know that we are doing what we can ecologically. 

If you would like to understand better the rules for the Food Scrap Program, or any other waste collection rules for Barrington, here is a link to the Groot Industries website. It’s quite interesting. Also, here is a link to the online survey concerning the Food Scrap Program. They can only know what you think if you tell them! Waste disposal may seem like a small issue, but it is an important one to people who care about the appearance and well-being of their town or village. The people in Barrington care.

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